What Type of Fying Pan Is Best for Electric Stoves?
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What Type of Fying Pan Is Best for Electric Stoves?

Mar. 22, 2022

There are two types of electric stovetops - ceramic glass top or coil type.

Ceramic glass stoves have a delicate and shiny surface and are prone to cracks and scratches. The flat base ensures proper contact with the source. It helps the container to heat evenly and cook the food correctly.

The main purpose of a frying pan is to cook at high temperatures. Since a round-bottomed wok will not heat evenly on an electric stove, your recipe may not turn out as expected.

Fortunately, there are some solutions to this problem, which we will explore in detail.

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1. Choose a flat-bottomed wok

There are many flat-bottomed frying pans on the market. They are specifically designed for electric and induction stoves that require direct contact to cook food properly.

A flat-bottomed wok will sit correctly on the ring of an electric stove. It distributes the heat evenly from the source throughout the pan and cooks the food correctly. Flat bottomed frying pans are ideal for coil type electric stoves. These pans will sit flat on the coils and heat evenly.

 frying pan

2. Choose the right type of frying pan

In addition to shape, the material used to make the frying pan will also affect its efficiency. Traditional frying pans are always made of cast iron or carbon steel.

Carbon steel frying pans are more suitable for cooking on an electric stove than cast iron frying pans. Unlike gas stoves, electric stoves take time to reach high temperatures and cool slowly when they are turned off. Constant exposure to this high temperature can cause cast iron to warp. It can damage your frying pan. Carbon steel handles temperature fluctuations better than iron. Therefore, it is a better choice for electric stoves.

3. Use a frying pan ring

Now, if you already have a round wok, you can't use it directly on an electric stove. When you put it on a gas stove, the flames will heat the frying pan evenly from all sides. However, this will not happen with an electric stove top.

The main problem is that the frying pan will not make proper contact with the stove. So, you need an interface between the frying pan and the stove top.

The frying pan ring holds the frying pan in place and prevents it from moving. It also reduces the chance of scratching the surface of the frying pan.

4. Preheat the pan before cooking

It is difficult to reach the high temperature required for a wok with an electric oven. However, you can compensate for this slow heat buildup by preheating the wok before placing it on the electric stove.

Place the wok in a hot oven for a few minutes. Prepare all the cooking ingredients. Start cooking immediately after placing the heated wok on the electric stove. This will help keep the heat high and speed up the entire cooking process.

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5. wok on an induction cooktop

As with electric stoves, there are certain challenges to cooking with a wok on an induction cooktop. Induction cooktops have an induction coil as the heat source. However, this coil will only induce a magnetic current in cookware that is magnetic in nature.

Cast iron and carbon steel, which are typically used to make frying pans, are magnetic materials. Therefore, you can use them for induction cooking. Stainless steel frying pans are also magnetic. Therefore, you can use a frying pan made of stainless steel on an induction cooktop.

Woks made of aluminum or copper are non-magnetic. Therefore, they are not suitable for induction cooking. If non-stick frying pans have a magnetic metal base, they can work on induction stovetops.

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