What Can People Do With Cast Iron Grill Pan?
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What Can People Do With Cast Iron Grill Pan?

Mar. 08, 2022

There's nothing like the taste of an almost burnt crust on a piece of meat or vegetable. As much as I love grilling, two things keep me away from it year-round: grilling in the cold sucks, and I don't actually have a grill. That's why I have a cast iron grill pan.

Technically, it's a double-sided skillet, which is even better. A regular cast iron skillet is the best tool to use for browning food, and if handled properly, they can essentially last forever. A cast iron skillet is very similar, only with more bells and whistles.

cast iron pan


1. Cast iron material for heat retention. Cast iron dry skillets hold heat well, which can make the food cooked more delicious.

2. Versatile. Extremely applicable, whether induction or open fire, outdoor barbecue, or campfire, this product can cook very well.

3. Sturdy and durable. Cast iron products are very sturdy and durable, and will not be easily damaged. Even if it is not properly maintained and causes problems such as rusting, it can still be revitalized after a simple treatment. If properly maintained, this can become a legendary treasure for a generation

4. Naturally non-stick. The frying pan is coated with vegetable oil and treated with high temperature before leaving the factory. The product can be used directly after a simple cleaning out of the box, and has a natural non-stick effect. If well maintained, the more you use it, the less it will stick.

With a smooth cast iron skillet on one side and a thick slatted grill on the other, this pan is ingenious, but super simple. Round cast iron skillets are a dream when it comes to cooking summer classics like burgers, hot dogs and sausages. They'll add much-needed char to vegetables and make kebabs (steak, seafood, pork, even cheese) much better than in the oven or pan.

You may not know it, but some fruit would be delicious after a trip on the grill - try it with some soft whipped cream. Then there's breakfast. The griddle side of the pan is basically like the flat top of a bistro - coat it well and you can cook eggs, pancakes and bacon all at the same time.

cast iron pan

Like all cast iron, the skillet is oven-safe, and it allows you to seal in the heat to finish cooking your food, just like closing the hood of a grill. This is especially handy when making thicker proteins, such as fried chicken (follow this method for a cast iron cooked bird), or dishes that should be cooked quickly at high temperatures, such as pizza. To get the best char on the bottom of these dishes, preheat the pan in the oven first before placing the food on top. Please follow GAODING to find more pans.

Double burner skillets are very large, so if you don't have the space, I recommend this handcrafted kitchen model with a single burner skillet. It serves the same purpose as a skillet, but is only the size of a standard skillet. You may need to cook in batches, but the end result will be the same.

One unfortunate difference between a skillet and a real grill is that when you're done cooking, you can't scrape off the remaining burnt bits between the grates. To keep your skillet clean, the best thing to do is hand wash the skillet with a little soap and hot water (yes, you can wash cast iron with water. Just don't let one soak in the sink for hours). If there is a lot of lumpy food, you can scrub the pan with a paste of coarse salt and water.

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